Why Vegan?

I’ve never been a big meat eater.  Even though I married someone from Wisconsin (lots of meat & cheese, obviously) who also hunts regularly, even the smell of meat cooking sometimes makes me nauseous.  I have been consuming non-dairy milk for years as real milk grosses me out.  I love veggies and fruits, and I often opt for the vegetarian option.

This coupled with the fact that consuming meat/dairy/eggs fuels an inhumane and unethical industry that is tough on the environment brings me to the conclusion that it’s time to go vegan.

Biggest challenges:

  1. Will need discipline to avoid my favorite: CHEESE
  2. Lack of access to artisan vegan items (ie cheeses, desserts, etc.) due to location, although local grocery stores do offer decent vegan options
  3. Married to a hunter/meat and cheese eater
  4. Lack of access to vegan items at social events/local restaurants
  5. Coming up with a variety of vegan menu ideas

I am excited to see how Veganism impacts my health and life!


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